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Have a Ball Pillows




Why have a square pillow when you can make two variations of round pillows? Whether you choose one or both designs these pillows are sure to make a statement.  Adorned with webbing sides the round pillow is sturdy and stylish while the ball pillow is fun and imaginative.  A conversation starter with an actual beach ball inside the pillow makes it light enough to toss around.  Color combinations and fabric choices are endless with both Have a Ball Pillows.


Round Pillow approx. 18”

6 Fat Quarters

1 yd. Fusible Fleece

48oz. Fiber Fill

1 ¾ yd. Jute Webbing

2 Large Buttons

Extra Long Needle for Hand Sewing Buttons

Hand Sewing Needle

Strong Thread for Attaching Buttons

Thread to Match Fabric (40 or 50 wt.)

Beach Ball Pillow

4 Fat Quarters

22” x 36” Fusible Fleece

One 16” or 17” Beach Ball

Two 1” x 2” pieces Fusible Webbing

Thread to Match Fabric (40 or 50 wt.)

Hand Sewing Needle

To purchase a PDF version of the Mac Sac Pattern click here.