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Gathered Crossbody Purse




Gathered Crossbody Purse


 This crossbody is a go everywhere purse and is as versatile as the fabric you use.  The webbing makes it an especially fast and easy bag to make and adds a natural feel.  The webbing strap is lined with coordinating fabric and the shoulder area has a matching cover.  The design possibilities are endless by adding bows, buttons or ruffles.  This is a great purse to make if you are newer to sewing too!

Fabric Requirements:

⅝ yard Tote Exterior, Shoulder Section & Interior Pocket(s)

½ yard Lining & Interior Handle Sections

⅜ yard Muslin inner lining or light weight batting

3½ yards Jute Upholstery Webbing (3½” wide)


Pattern Tracing paper

#90 Sewing Machine needle for sewing jute

Thread to Match Fabric (50 Wt.)

Jute Colored Thread (40 Wt.


Magnetic Closure


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