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A Day at the Beach




This is an over sized tote providing extra space for all your beach necessities.  It can easily hold four beach towels, snacks, books and sunscreen for a fun-filled Day at the Beach.  The journal cover will give only a hint of what is inside.  That part is left up to you!  You can personalize the cover to fit your theme: Love, Birthdays, Inspirations, Holidays, Vacations, etc

*Directions given are for a 10½” wide x 9 ¼” journal

(Beach Tote & Journal) Fabric Requirements:

Exterior Fabric: 1¾ Yards

Lining Fabric 1 Yards

Flannel:  Yards

Headliner: Two 20”x30” pieces (available in different widths)

Grosgrain Ribbon: ½ Yard of 1½” wide for journal spine

1 yard of 1½” wide for journal inside finishing

Jute Webbing: 4 Yards 


Size 90 Sewing machine needle

Coordinating thread (50 wt.)

Jute colored thread (40 wt.)

Water Soluble Marker

7cm, 2 ¾” Steel yarn Needle or Size E or 4 crochet hook to pull ribbon through jute webbing

A Day at the Beach Bag  A Day at the Beach Journal Cover