Unique creations with timeless appeal.


How soon do you ship an item/order?

Our shipping policy states that all items ship with in 7 days of your order being placed but we usually ship much faster than that.  The handmade items on our website are already made so you don’t have to wait for us to make them before we can ship them.

Do you design and sell patterns? 

We do have patterns.  Our first pattern was released and it quickly sold out.  We continue to  add new patterns to our collection frequently.  Check back often to see the newest patterns.  Our patterns are available in print and some are also in PDF and can be downloaded after purchasing on our website.  All patterns are available as a printed version that is mailed to you and many or our designs are available as a PDF for immediate download.

Are your patterns available in PDF download?

We are happy to offer some of our patterns in PDF for your convenience. There is no shipping charged on a PDF pattern purchase.  The PDF link is sent with your invoice as soon as as you checkout.  Make sure to add info(at)kenziemac.com to your address list so the email containing your PDF link does not get caught up by a SPAM blocker or go to your JUNK folder.  Our PDF patterns are also available in our Etsy shop.   We do ask that you continue to support your local quilt/sewing shops whenever possible!  They are the ones that provide us with all our sewing/quilting needs plus expert instruction so please, please-support LOCAL!!!!

I purchased webbing from a store and it bleeds when I wash it.  What can I do? 

The webbing can bleed if it is left folded onto itself when wet.  Some bleed more than others.  If you have to start over with new webbing, wash the webbing in cool water in a mesh bag and immediately remove after washing.  Dry and then iron if needed.  You can also do a color check on a couple inches of the webbing by soaking it for about 20 minutes in a clear bowl to see how much of the dye discharges.  Don’t let what happened ruin your project!  The webbing is not very expensive so you may want to start over with a new piece or not wash it, it does soften over time.

I own a store/boutique and would love to sell your item.  Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, if you are interested in purchasing our patterns at wholesale you can do so on our website.  Click here to create a wholesale account and order right now.  It’s easy!   We also offer trunk show packages and have a variety of samples your store can borrow with minimum orders.  All orders must be paid in full upon delivery.  Please contact us if you have questions about placing a wholesale order.

Do you offer returns/exchanges?

At this time Kenzie Mac & Co. does not accept returns on handmade items.   Our items are handmade.  We take great care when making and packaging our items.  If a product arrives damaged please contact Kenzie Mac & Co. within 5 days of receiving the item and we will gladly send you a replacement item upon receipt of the damaged item.  If the item is discontinued or unavailable we will issue a refund.  Shipping Charges are not refundable.  All items are final sale items.

I bought an item at a boutique and want to get the same one for my friend.  Why don’t I see the same item on your website? 

Many of our items are one of a kind so you may not be able to get the exact same item a second time.  You can almost always find something similar.  We use both vintage and new materials in our products and sometimes we don’t have enough material to make more than one of a particular item.


Elite Tote – We have made the Elite Tote with hundreds of different fabrics.  Sometimes we buy enough fabric to make 10 of the same bag and sometimes we are only able to make one.

Upcycled Sweater Skirt & T-Shirt Skirts– The sweater skirt is really made out of sweaters.  It is impossible to make the exact same skirt 2 times.  You can always find something in the same color scheme or with similar patterns.  We try to use every piece of sweater that we can so you might find the same sweater in 2 or 3 skirts but each skirt will be unique.

Bubble Ruffle Skirt – The bubble ruffle skirt is a prime example of combining old and new materials.  We upcycle jeans and add fun fabrics to make a skirt.  We might make 25 skirts out of the same fabric but every pair of jeans will have a slightly different shade, style of pockets or brand name.

Where are Kenzie Mac & Co products made?

Our products are made in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We always say, “All products proudly hand made in the USA.”  When possible we buy the materials we use from locally owned shops.  We love connecting with local shop owners when we travel and often buy materials all over the country and bring them home to create something special for our customers.  We always prefer to buy materials made in the USA but this isn’t possible for all materials that we use.

When will you list more already made items in your online shop?

Our patterns/PDF patterns keep us busy and we don’t list handmade items as often as we would like to. We do list samples that we have used form time to time.  We don’t have a set schedule of when we list items.  Check back often and follow us on facebook and Instagram to see if we have announced that new items have been listed.

Where do you find your fabric?

The answer to this question is all over the place.  Part of the fun of making handmade products is finding the perfect fabric/materials.  When possible we buy the materials we use from locally owned shops.  We love connecting with local shop owners when we travel and often buy materials all over the country and bring them home to create something special for our customers.  We always use high end quilters cottons and upholstery fabrics.

I need advice on buying a sewing machine.  Can you tell me what you use? 

We love Bernina sewing machines.  Nancy says that a bad/cheaply made machine can ruin a persons ideas about sewing forever.  Check with your local Bernina dealer and they can find what is best for your needs and budget.  We use Bernina sewing machines and sergers for everything we make.

Where can I buy your stuff? 

You can buy most of our products on this website.

Who does your photography?

Krista from Krista Agnew Photography is our local photographer and does most of our photography.  We LOVE her work!

Who designed your website?

Our website was designed by Kayleen at Booyahs Momma.  She is amazing to work with!

Is there anything else we should know?

We enjoy creating our products and care about the people buying them.  We want our customers to appreciate that they are receiving a quality item made with love and care.  When you place and order you are supporting our passion and we hope you feel a sense of community when you buy an item that travels from our homes to yours.